About us

LEATHER, the sturdiest natural material which has accompanied humankind through all its history.

  • Have you got an item to which you want to give sufficient as well as dignified protection?

  • There is no product on the market which would meet your needs?

  • Are you looking for a beautiful present?

  • Are you looking for a leather case that fits?

In our assortment you can find leather sheaths for knives, weapons, guns, revolvers, hunting rifles, shells, fishing rods, flyfishing reels, axes, swords, Japanese swords, cameras, camera lens, exposure meters, tripods, binoculars, measuring technology, musical instruments, collars, leashes, muzzles, bags, rucksacks, haversacks, wallets, belts, handbags, purses, boxes, jewellery boxes, suitcases, and many more.

Products from our workshop are hand made from high quality cattle hides, from 1mm to 6mm thick. We have been engaged in leather craft for twenty years and will meet any of your needs. We make products made to measure.